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New travel style

"New travel style" resumed(Reservations can only be made by phone)

  • "New travel style target" Great satisfaction plan(Dinner & Breakfast Included)
    +++ "New travel style" exclusive plan +++
    plan with 1 horsehair crab and Japanese beef sukiyaki
    Esashi Town will Tsukuso eat stomach full of hairy crab of pride!
    Supper of around 10 dishes such as horsehair crab and Japanese beef sukiyaki

    15,000 yen including tax per adult But

    Tax-included 7,500 yen with Domin Discount applied!!
    ※A separate hot spring tax of ¥ 150 will be charged.
  • .
  • "New Travel Style" Overview
    ■Sales period

    From 12:00 on Sunday, November 14, 2021
    Until Saturday, December 4, 2021

    ·The sale ends when the budget allocated to the hotel has been exhausted.

    ■Accommodation period

    Check-in on Monday, November 15, 2021-Check-out on Sunday, December 5, 2021

    ■Terms of use

    ·Reservations can only be made for the plan listed above as "New Travel Style Targets"

    ·Limited to travel in the Dohoku(Kamikawa jurisdiction,Rumoi jurisdiction,Soya jurisdiction)※Expanded to all roads in the target area from 12:00 on Saturday, October 30
    (At check-in, please show your driver's license and other proof of living in Hokkaido.)

    ·There is no limit to the number of uses.

    ·The maximum number of consecutive nights is "2 nights".

    ·Since it is difficult for us to prepare meals in the room, we will arrange seats so that each roommate and each individual can use the table only for the same person according to the rules of the prefectural government.
    Example:The tables are separated by partitions, etc., and individual seats and family seats are arranged alternately so that individual customers do not gather.

    【Infectious disease countermeasures】
    ·Implementation of "silent meal / silent bath" that minimizes conversation when eating or bathing
    ·Wearing a mask
    ·Do not have a loud conversation in the onsite
    ·Use of the new coronavirus contact infection app COCOA or registration of the Hokkaido corona notification system(Only for those who can use it as an owner of a smartphone etc.)
    ·Follow the instructions of the facility regarding infectious disease control
    【Questionnaire survey】
    ·Answers to the "New Travel Style" Questionnaire
    ·Full cooperation with active epidemiological surveys conducted by health centers
    ·If you find out that you are a close contact during the trip, immediately report it to the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Hokkaido (phone number: 011-206-6896) and follow the instructions of the health center.
    ·If infection with the new coronavirus infection is confirmed after travel, immediately report it to the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Hokkaido (phone number: 011-206-6896).
    ·Submission of consent form to comply with the above


    If any of the following applies, you will not be eligible for the Dominwari "New Travel Style".

    ·Use for business purposes.

    ·Use outside the service area.

    ·The act of buying a lodging plan and not actually staying = the so-called no-show.

    ·Combined use with GoTo travel business

    ·Cancellation price

    .. (If the reservation is canceled due to the customer's convenience, the cancellation fee calculated from the original selling price including the discount amount will be charged.)

    ·For details of the business, please refer to the page of "Hokkaido Government Office Dominwari" New Travel Style "".