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Hot Springs

Natural Hot Springs·Komeiseki Hot Springs

Hot water gets familiar to your skin slightly yellowish.Hard to boil,
It is effective for neuralgia, muscle pain, chronic skin disease and so on.
Besides that, there is also a jacuzzi bath and a sauna.
Jet baths can be enjoyed with natural hot Komeiseki Hot Springs using conventional Komeiseki Hot Springs.
  • Large Communal Bath(43 ° C)

  • Jacuzzi

  • sauna(80 to 90 ° C)

Hot Springs

Esashi Hot Springs(Natural hot spring 100%) Hot Spring Baskdown ※It does not include artificial hot springs

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 0 Female: 0 Mixed Bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0

Other bath facilities

Large Communal Bath, Children's bath, Jacuzzi, sauna

Hot Spring Qualities

Calcium · sodium · sulfate fountain

Accommodation bath time

From 10:00 to 24:00, from 5:00 to 8:00 (Monday only until 7:30)

One-way hot spring fee

510 yen/adult, 250 yen/child

Day trip hot spring time

10:00 to 22:00(Last reception 21:00)

Towel sale

Face towel 200 yen·Bath towel ¥ 600·Towel set 700 yen
※We do not rent towels.