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Best Rate

  •            Best Rate Guarantee Conditions

    In order to guarantee the best rate, all of the following conditions must be met:

    ·Same hotel
    ·Same night (Arrival date·departure date)
    ·Same number of people
    ·Equivalent room type
    ·Same check-in / check-out time
    ·Same settlement method
    ·Same plan contents, services and benefits (amenities included)
  • Not eligible for best rate guarantee

    In guaranteeing the best rate, the following cases will be excluded from comparison. Thank you for understanding in advance.

    ·Fees not intended for general customers (Example: Specific member, corporate contract fee, group fee, dedicated fee for alliance with a specific facility, etc.)
    ·Package charges that include facility use other than accommodation, transportation, and meals
    ·Fees that can only be booked by phone and cannot be booked on the website
    ·Fees not directly dealt with by the hotel (e.g.: (Sales by travel agents (arranged trips, etc.) and sales at online auctions)